Window Treatments That Work

Window Treatments That WorkIt is nice to enjoy the sun shining into our home or the view of the trees outside our window. How about privacy though, as that is of importance to us? Shades that can be lifted from the bottom to give a view of the outside world but still allowing the lower half of the window to be covered is a good solution. When shopping, look for top down/bottom up shades and let the sun shine through.

If you have small windows and cannot figure out what to do with them, think again. Small windows can have a big impact on a room.  If you want your windows to appear larger than they really are, then start by hanging the curtains much higher than the top of the window. Panels that are light in color make the windows appear larger. The panels should touch the floor at the bottom. Lavish the windows with accent pieces such as fancy, detailed rods and finials, as these ornamental pieces now become the focal point for the eye and not the size of the window. By adding ornate pieces to your windows, you are giving them originality and personality.

You can project energy in a room by using texture on your windows. Don’t be afraid to use two different textures when designing window treatments.  Make the windows exciting and inviting by mixing up two separate coordinating colors with those of a different texture such as a linen panel with sheers or a rich velvet curtain with shades.

Window treatments can be costly. If you just moved into a home and cannot afford to do what you want to do, take your time. At first work on privacy by purchasing just the blinds or shades which are the foundation of the windows. Now you have time to plan and design the window treatments of your dreams.