Steps In Home Decor Renovation

Making the house a home worth living is not a big deal. Although it revolves around many stages, with one of them primarily being home decor, you cannot really have all your home decor needs sorted out at once. Nevertheless, designing your own home layout and interior decoration is a mirror of personal style and a hint of tastes and likes that can be blended together for the best looking living space. Moreover, as your home is your own personal space on earth, you can design it the way you want.

But before all that, you need to stay calm and composed about the whole idea of home decoration – whether you are doing it for the first time or looking to renovate your living space. In both conditions, one might tend to gear up all the tasks at once and that is where the idea backfires. Make sure you chalk out a suitable plan and start about it slow and steady in order to reach perfection. So, follow these few simple steps and you are sure to create a home worth living!

Step 1: Planning the Essentials

Planning the entire home decoration exercise would prove to be beneficial for you. Not only do you get to budget everything but you also become familiar with the pros and cons of redoing the whole structure. In the planning stage, you can sit down with your family members and decide on which style of home do you prefer. Today, the popular home decor styles are available as vintage, decorative, mid-century modern, shabby or traditional. Jot down all important points and create a blueprint and you will find everything going smooth and easy.

Step 2: Choose Colour Scheme & Furniture

After you have decided on all basic essentials, you are now ready to choose the colour scheme and layout of the house. When it comes to colours, you can choose the ones that you genuinely like as you won’t wish to live with shades that bother you or hamper your lifestyle. Accordingly, pick main colour accents and sub-shades to give the kitchen, living room and the bedroom quite an impressive look and feel. Furniture and furnishing can also be decided in this stage. From couch to pillows, bedspreads, tables, chairs and rugs and curtains – make sure you mark everything according to your likes and preferences.


Step 3: Don’t Rush, Go Slow

Hastening up when it comes to redoing the look of the home is probably the last thing to do. You certainly would not want to mess it all up by quickening the entire procedure as everything would go haywire if you did. From making the purchases of the requisites to the actual designing of your home, do make sure you take your own time and go with the flow and it will pay off well. This is so because there is a whole lot of difference between the planning part and the realization of it. Hence, pay attention to the minute details from the start and it would prove rewarding to you in the long run.

Step 4: Control Your Budget

Regardless of the theme or style you are choosing to adopt for your living space, a mindful move of controlling the budget should be taken into consideration beforehand. Then again your budget would follow your likes and preferences – so make sure you pick out certain portions of requisites online or from thrift stores that help you save money as you shop.

Finally, of all, what is more important is the satisfaction and happiness you’ve gained from redecorating your living space. Though not that lavish, your home is your personal bit that you would not end up compromising upon.

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By Rohina Ansari
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