Need to brighten your bedroom?

Need-to-brighten-your-bedroomUse light colors for your bed linens and comforter. Use pastels, white or crème colors on the bed.

Purchase a bed frame that you can see through such as an open iron, metal, brass frame that allows light through from all angles. The rough texture of the metals or metallic finish will add more interest to the room also.

Consider curtain tie-backs to allow light to open up the room. Wooden blinds and Roman blinds can achieve the same affect.


If you like wall paper, get one that has a white background to it. The attention will be drawn to the background more so than the print on it, allowing a lighter feel to the room.

Top your bed with a canopy and indulge your room with whites and beiges for a simple, sophisticated look.

Living in a small home or apartment can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of belongings. There seems to be a need for space always. How can all of your belongings fit into your bedroom?

What’s under your bed? Look for very inexpensive, but attractive storage bins that fit neatly under your bed.

If you can find some that match your décor, you have scored a winner on both accounts.