Getting Your House Ready For The Sale

In this article, we’re going to talk about getting your house ready for sale.

You may have heard the famous saying by Henry Ford, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success”. Selling your house is no exception to this secret. So before you put it on the market, you need to get it ready.

Think back to the first time you walked into your current home when you were house hunting. What made you feel good enough to select that one house over all the others you visited? It probably happened in an instant, but for most of us, it was the first impression. You always have to remember that buying a home is eighty percent emotional. So when preparing for your sale remember to make your house shine and shows extremely well.for the market.

To help your house shine and show well, follow these 10 steps.

1. Create a detailed checklist of all the things you need to do.

2. Determine potential listing date so you have a goal date to strive towards and use to plan your tasks accordingly.

3. Depersonalize your home to make it less personal for you so the potential buyer can visualize living there (e.g. family pictures, personal belongings).

4. Declutter your home so that it doesn’t feel constricted, confining and feels neat, organized and like a potential buyer can live there. Move furniture and pack away big furniture to open things up. Pack away wall pictures to clear wall space. Get rid of seasonal decor and throw away dying plants. Clear and organize your bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, closets and basement.

5. Fix up, repair or refresh items that need to be fixed, that maintain or increase your value of your house or that will help you sell your house faster. For example, don’t remodel your whole bathroom. Instead, possibly replace the flooring (nice vinyl), give it a paint job and possibly replace the vanity, sink or faucet. Another example would be to repaint or resurface kitchen cabinet doors, instead of replacing the cabinets in your entire kitchen. Do not overdo the repairs.

6. Painting gets a home seller the biggest bang for the buck. It’s something you can do on your own and if you can avoid labor is relatively inexpensive. Paint also freshens up the house from a visual standpoint and makes it smell new again. Neutral and soft colors are best, do not use bright or unique colors.

7. Make sure your Mechanicals (Heating, Air Conditioning, Hot Water Heater, etc) are working properly.

8. Clean up the exterior. Make sure the lawn and landscaping are groomed. Make sure exterior items (such as shutters, gutters, front door paint, etc.) are repaired and cleaned up. Again, first impressions are key and the exterior is the buyer’s very first impression.

9. Clean up the interior. Make it shine. Shampoo the carpet and wax the floors. Dust every inch of the home. Wash the windows inside and out.

10. Follow and use your checklist to systematically eliminate each item to be completed. Once all or almost all of your items are completed, your home is ready for sale.

Following these recommendations will ultimately pay off. Selling a house that shines and shows well will allow your house to sell faster and for more money than it otherwise would.

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By : Louis J. DeMedici