Decorating On a Tight Budget!

Many homes have small rooms, thus making it a challenge to decorate them. There is no need to become frustrated over this and yes, you can decorate a small room and even make it look larger than it really is.

Remember, bigger is not always better. First of all determine what you want to change in a particular room. Do you want to make it look bigger, do you want to add color, is the room too dark? Let’s start with clutter. Often times this is a problem with a small space, too much stuff and not enough room. I would suggest removing everything from the room and add it back one piece at a time. You will begin to see how much better the room looks already about halfway through the process and hopefully you will stop there.

To make a room look larger, find the focal wall in the room and paint it with a rich, warm color. Typically, an accent wall should not have windows or doors. Keep the other walls in the room light with whites and crème colors. The colored wall will give much depth to the room. Blues are a good choice for the accent wall in a smaller as it tends to give the illusion of openness.

Another way to make your room look larger is by placing one large print on the walls instead of several small prints or pictures. The same is true when scaling furniture to a small room. A few large pieces would be better than a lot of small pieces of furniture which gives the eye a cluttered feel. Try to use the furniture multi-purposely. An example would be to use a trunk that doubles for storage, and makes for a very interesting coffee table. A bench to sit on that allows for nice wicker baskets to be placed underneath for additional storage is a great way to get more bang for your buck.

Have a small apartment and not allowed to paint the walls?

Decorating On a Tight BudgetThis can be very challenging without a doubt, as most apartment walls are painted chalk white, giving a very cold feeling to the rooms. Without color or design, the rooms do not feel very inviting. There is hope and we will give you some ideas to consider. Color does not have to be on the walls. Color should be sprinkled lightly throughout the room.

You can start by opening up the space with lots of mirrors. Mirrors are not that expensive and come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Place beautiful mirrors across from each other on two separate walls. The mirrors will reflect natural light and make the room look much larger as well as open it up. The artistic frame around the mirror will double as wall décor and make the wall an eye catcher while enlarging the room.

When purchasing furniture for a small apartment, stay with quality designed smaller pieces. Keep the rooms open and clutter-free. Too much furniture in a small apartment will make it appear smaller than it really is. Bring color to the room through toss pillows, the rugs, drapery and art pieces.

Too many decorative items both on the walls and tables in a small apartment are very distracting. Go through your collections of decorative items and downsize. Be careful not to clutter shelves by placing too many items on them. The least amount of items you have is usually better for small spaces.

Bonus Tip:

Before going out shopping for all of these cool new things, make sure you have already planned your color scheme carefully. Many times we go shopping and find things that we think will go along with our design theme. Without a plan, you may end up with extra accessories that just clutter the space and take away from the detail of other décor in the room.