Create Ambiance, Enjoyment, Relaxation in Your Bedroom

Create-Ambiance-Enjoyment-Relaxation-in-Your-Bedroom2-199x300Determine what your focal point will be in the room. Decide which wall to place the bed on first and then arrange the other pieces. Position the bed in an unexpected place for an exciting new look. In this example, the inspiration came from the zebra rug.

Place a nightstand or lamps on both sides of the bed. This adds balance to the layout and provides a place to set a glass of water, books or clock. Lamps on each side provide the same effect.

Find a one of a kind accent piece such as an unusual table or desk to add interest in the room – look for one that has a unique finish or shape to it.

Create a seating area. It does not need to be large. Place a chair with design detail or a lounger in the bedroom to provide an inviting feeling in the room.

Shop Smart

Accessories do not have to cost a fortune to look good.

Look in your own home for pieces to accessorize with.

Get your friends involved as they may have items they are no longer using.

Bedroom Design and Planning…

Need to brighten your bedroom?  More ideas to help lighten your room..

Use light colors for your bed linens and comforter. Use pastels, white or crème colors on the bed.Create Ambiance, Enjoyment, Relaxation in Your Bedroom

Purchase a bed frame that you can see through such as an open iron, metal, brass frame that allows light through from all angles.

The rough texture of the metals or metallic finish will add more interest to the room also.
Consider curtain tie-backs to allow light to open up the room. Wooden blinds and Roman blinds can achieve the same affect allowing light to filter through.

If you like wall paper or better yet, murals, get one that has a white background to it. The attention will be drawn to the background more so than on the print, allowing a lighter feel to the any room. Keep the print simple on the wallpaper to achieve the light and give the feeling of light and airy.

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