Create a New Modern Kitchen in a Smaller Space

Modern-Kitchen-in-a-Smaller-Space-199x300Many of us are downsizing our homes today, whether for economical reasons or practicality. With a smaller house, comes a smaller kitchen. With kitchens being a very important focus of our home for many reasons, how can we maintain a modern kitchen on a budget and get the satisfaction we need to be complete? With a small kitchen comes less area to work with thus getting our minds going on innovative kitchen design ideas.

The small modern kitchen has much to do with economizing the space you have to work with. The main emphasis of the small kitchen design is planning what to keep and what to dispose of. A small kitchen cannot have a lot of extra items that create clutter. In larger kitchens we accumulate items over the years and never really get rid of them, as we tell ourselves that we may find a use for them one day. With a smaller modern kitchen, this thinking must go, as we must create a new thought process. You must keep accessories to a minimum in modern design.

A modern style works well in small kitchens because it focuses on clean lines and function. A small modern kitchen will feel clean and contemporary. Modern kitchens cut down on clutter and create functional work areas. You will save money using modern materials for a small space that is big on style.

If you are truly designing a Modern kitchen you will want to paint the walls white to achieve the new modern affect. Bring color in the room through flooring and appliances. For the new sleek modern look, create a color pallet of white, silver, stainless and black.Think storage when planning a modern kitchen.  Keep your countertops free of clutter so you can use every inch of the countertop as a work surface. It is best if you can store small appliances in the cabinets out of sight. Do you have enough cabinet space for storage? You may need to add a cupboard or two or a small island with cabinet space below. If you are purchasing new cabinets for a small area, make sure that you purchase ones that go all the way to the ceiling to maximize your storage space.