Choosing the Right Dining Table & Chairs

It does not matter if you are buying a table and chair ensemble that are sold as a set, or if you have a unique table and want to compliment it by adding a few designer chairs that are all different. What matters is that there are some basics you need to understand about the dining room.

First of all, make certain that the table fits the space. The table should be in good proportion to the room size. Make certain that you provide enough space to comfortably get in and out of the chairs and that there is enough room to walk around the table. The rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of two feet between each person. If you have the space, three feet would be a nice comfortable space.

Choosing the Right Dining Table & ChairsIf you going to shop for a new table, lucky you! Here are some things to remember when table shopping. Always sit down and try out the table for feel. Is the height of the table right? Lean on the table and check it out for sturdiness. If it seems weak or slants to one side when you lean on, move on to another table. Look under the table to see what kind of legs it has. Tables with pedestals make a nice looking table for certain décor, usually traditional.

When it comes to chairs, there is a very wide selection to choose from. Chairs do not have to match the table. Adding a few different chairs and styles can make for a very interesting look that can be enjoyed by all. Whether you are going for an eclectic room or not, you should purchase appropriate chairs. Make sure the chairs are in line with the height of the table. Sit in the chairs and see if they work at all angles. Above all, do not purchase chairs just because they look good or match your décor.

Are you ready to decorate?

Remember that warm colors stimulate conversation. Paint walls a soft warm color, or cover them with a rich texture or calming patterned wallpaper. Soft contemporary hues like creams, wheat and light green together with white moldings will give the room a soothing airy feel.

For more serenity, note the curves in the picture: the pedestal, the flare on the dining chairs and the roundness of the buffet. There are not many sharp edges here to jar a mood; simple and filled with character.

Good light is essential. Lighting should be subtle yet sparkling. Bright overhead lights, other than chandeliers, are not well-suited to dining. Even chandeliers should have dimmer switches.

Consider adding a beautiful mirror to your dining room. This adds glam and sparkle and can often times reflect the silver and the glassware.

Whatever your dream or vision for your dining room, modern or traditional, sheek or contemporary, there is one thing for sure, many very important conversations will be taking place in this room over the years. Make it memorable by creating a room that you love.

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