Bed & Bath

Bathroom Renovation: Some Great Possibilities

When the opportunity arises to have remodeling done at home, one of the most popular options is bathroom renovation. Since the room is used for a variety of valuable purposes each day, it is important to have it in the nicest condition possible. When you decide to make some changes, there is an array of [...]

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Bathroom Tips That Save You Money

You’ll save a lot of money if your remodeling plan can utilize the existing plumbing for both the toilet and tub. Do some comparison shopping, as some places mark the items up to appear to be better quality. Do as much of the labor yourself when it comes to bathrooms, as it can get costly. [...]

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Need to brighten your bedroom?

Use light colors for your bed linens and comforter. Use pastels, white or crème colors on the bed. Purchase a bed frame that you can see through such as an open iron, metal, brass frame that allows light through from all angles. The rough texture of the metals or metallic finish will add more interest to the room also. [...]

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