4 Things You Need Before Moving Day

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Just mention the words moving day and you will have people running for the hills. Big moves whether it’s your home or even a small apartment are not a fun undertaking. There is a lot of packing, multiple trips up and down stairs, and just plain chaos. So, what is the secret to a more successful and less stressful move? The idea is to be prepared! It’s very basic, just make sure that you have the moving supplies that you need and you will be able to pack and move your belongings without all the drama. If you have a big move coming up, here are a few of the basics that you will want to have on hand.

Pack it right – It’s an obvious choice, but you can never go wrong with (sturdy) cardboard boxes for the move. Sometimes people try to cut corners and just throw their belongings in bags from around the house but this is not a good way to stay organized for a move. Boxes are great because you can stack your belongings in them and then stack boxes on each other. Also, boxes are easier to label so you can keep track of what you have packed. See tip 4.

Keep it safe – You have got to have bubble wrap if you want your breakables to remain in tact! No matter how far you are traveling, with cars and trucks full of your belongings, it is very possible that items will shift and without a nice layer of friendly bubble wrap, your breakable items may not make the move in one piece. Bubble wrap is also great to prevent rattles and clinks if you are traveling a long distance.

Tape it up – Another obvious moving essential is tape, but in order to secure bubble wrapped items and close boxes, tape is a must have on your moving supplies list. No need to explain here.

Mark it up – Label, label, and then label some more! The best way to avoid mass chaos on moving day is to make sure everything is marked. You need to know what is in the boxes and where it is going. You can use markers to reference a few key items in the box and which room of the new home it should go in. This will make the move easier on you and help any movers that you hire.
So whether moving day is just around the corner or even a few months out, make sure that you have on hand all the supplies to make your move easier and more organized. Let this be the move that you do not have to dread. And don’t forget, if you are running short on time or simply do not want to deal with all the fuss, see if you can get some help! Professional movers are a great resource if you simply don’t have the time or energy for your next move. Not to mention, some will even take care of the packing for you… bonus!

By Meghan E Witham

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Meghan_E_Witham